Briss 0.0.13

Handy app to eliminate blank space from PDFs


  • Fast
  • Preview function
  • Helps prepare PDFs for conversion to other formats


  • Doesn't work on protected PDFs
  • A little unstable

Not bad

Briss is simple, open-source PDF editor that allows you to snip blank space from PDF documents.

Getting rid of blank space makes your PDF easier to read on small electronic devices like ebooks, and this is pretty much what Briss has been designed for. Open your PDF and use the cursor to draw around the areas you want to keep. You can draw as many areas as you need and move them around freely. Use the preview button to make sure you have what you need and hit Crop PDF.

Briss works by overlaying all the pages of your document and giving you an “x-ray” of the overall outline. You then crop around this outline, keeping the text you want.

Briss is a very simple, no-frills program that fulfills a very specific job. It’s by no means perfect, however – figuring out how it works, for instance, takes more than a few minutes, and it wasn’t always the most stable application. Even so, Briss is free and open-source, so if you are preparing PDFs for reading on a portable device, give it a try and it might do exactly what you need.

Briss isn’t exactly a sophisticated tool, but if you need to cut a PDF down to size, it’s worth a try.



Briss 0.0.13

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